Climbing Snowdon

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Never would have thought I’d come come back with a tan… Sunshine and 20 degrees? How many times does that happen in the UK? And most importantly: in Wales? I checked the Beddgelert weather for the following week: rain rain rain. Must thank Someone up there!

Just would like to emphasize, the weather we had was bare luck, if you visit Northern Wales once, don’t imagine it will look exactly like on my photos. And take warm clothes even up to Snowdon as well – it gets quite cool and windy.

So we left on Friday early afternoon, was hoping to avoid heavy traffic which – of course – did not work out, so from Cambridge to Beddgelert spent a good 7 hours on the road. It was very very dull on the motorway, but it grew exciting once we got into Wales and had something to stare at – sheep, unrealistically green grass, sheep, mountains, oh and even more sheep. Not kidding, they are everywhere! On the top of Snowdon, at the campsite… everywhere! We woke up and went to bed to the sound of them. Not complaining, but I have never seen and heard so many of them! It’s become a part of Wales’ charm.

First stop was a free wild camping site, which looked pretty okay in my opinion… ūüôā The valley of Nant Gwynant.Image

Next morning, woke up around 7ish and took some photos of the little creek near the campsite.¬†ImageTook a shower (was impressed that even free campsites have one) and off we went to the¬†Pont Bethania Car park¬†where we left the car for the day. The Watkin path Greg chose (more on that later, it ended in tears…)¬†was light walking at the beginning, through a forest:

ImageThen got a bit steeper with the cutest little waterfalls on the right.


Everyone seemed to ignore them – just rushing up to the summit. Well, we did a little picnic and had breakfast there – in the company of sheep of course.Image

A few shots of ascending, still quite the beginning:


After a half an hour it became much steeper so had to stop every 20 minutes to rest and drink water. Oh, and also to put on some sun cream. The view got nicer and nicer and we could even see the shore in the distance.Image

In the picture on the right, you can see the summit of Snowdon, that was the point when we realized it’s already quite close, but there is a SERIOUSLY steep scree slope at the end, to reach the top. That was the point where I said – Greg I can’t do that. With a reason, as in 2006 a person died there and many have been injured. We had an arguement before, as I wanted to go on a different path – did my research and that was a medium difficulty one with spectacular views as well. Greg said no, let’s choose a heavy mountain walking one – challenge ourselves! Well, I am always up for a challenge, I don’t mind if it is tiring and difficult – but I sometimes have problems with height. It is interesting though, as sometimes I am completely fine, other times I am terrified standing close to the edge. Well this day was one of those fearful days unfortunately. These were taken before that slope. Greg is looking over¬†Llyn Llydaw (Llyn means lake) and Eva is still happy… well not for long, I assure you.ImageThe only photo I took of the slope is this. It was ok at the beggining and then just got worse and worse, full of slippery scree, I didn’t feel safe for a moment. It took us about an hour to reach the summit, partly because I broke down crying at least twice.¬†ImageOnce we got to the top, it was alright, but I was still shaking a bit. The view was spectacular so in 15 minutes I was completely fine, my biggest problem was that an English girl started posing with two huge bars of Cadbury chocolate with fruits and nuts and I wanted some of it SO badly!


On the way down, we decided on the Pyg Track as wanted to check out a different route and the lakes as well. And of course, there was no way in hell I would go back on the Watkin Path. A few photos of descending:Image

ImageOnce we got to Pen Y Pass, got a cab and realized we only have 15 GBP cash. Ouch. So he took us to a one of the lakes that was pretty close to the car park. ‘Pretty close’ meaning 2-3 miles away. Needless to say, we were COMPLETELY¬†knackered once finally got to the car. After that, we drove to Criccieth which is already on the coast. I will include the campsite in the second part, as we took the photos the next morning. I would go back there anytime, a quiet campsite with sheep, gorgeous softest grass and an astonishing view…For 18 GBP a night. I will include more details in the next post!

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