Top 10 Beaches In the World

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When we came back from Thailand 2 years ago I thought I am over beaches. It is unlikely we will be back in Phuket in the near future, and nothing else would compare anyway. Then, as we did more travelling I realized how different they can be.

Image Not only the white sand and crystal clear waters are proper beaches (my ridiculous&spoilt opinion before), IN FACT – of course they are stunning – but they are the ones I get bored of the most easily! I grew to fall in love with beaches of variety of colours and scenery. Not to mention my new obsession of cliff jumping! Another important thing to note is, I still don’t believe Asian beaches could compete with Australian, Mexican or Caribbean white sandy paradises. One of my best friend visited the Dominican Republic a year ago (Puerto Plata) and the photos literally took by breath away, the whitest beaches I’ve seen. The same with the photos of my parents visiting Mexico… Oh and Esperance in WA or The Whitsundays?

One of Klaudia and Szymon’s photos of Paradise Island off the coast of Puerto Plata… Just simply perfect. I am usually not fond of flat islands but their adventures of swimming with sharks, dolphins and kissing sea lions, going on waterfall jumping adventures (I could spend days doing JUST that…) I highly doubt I’d have a problem with getting bored! DomRep is definitely on the list for the possible honeymoon destinations.

Back to the list. My point of view now is: in terms of beaches Europe is just as magnificent as Asia. Only different…

Just to be clear, I didn’t photoshop or edit any of the photos, other than the watermarks & borders.

10. White sand, turquoise waters and cliff jumping: Cala Mitjana, Menorca, Spain

The colour of the water reminds me French beaches, but instead of rocks and pebbles this is obviously sandy… There is a bigger beach and a smaller one, it should be perfect in June or September. When we were there, they were both fully packed even long after sunset. For cliff jumping you had to QUEUE. That was way too much for me… Would advise to go in the early morning. It is a 35 minute walk from Cala Galdana through a pine forest.
Cala Mitjana




9. Stunning golden sand and turtles: Gerakas, Zakynthos, Greece

Accessible by car or scooter, 5 minute walk from the parking lot. The photo says it all!
 8. Sunset, crystal clear waters and perfectly fine sand: Son Bou, Menorca, Spain

The sand isn’t white, but the water is incredibly clear and you couldn’t get softer sand anywhere. And it is full of little fish who are chewing on your feet… who spends money on the trendy fish pedicure from now on? DSC_0591DSC_0642DSC_0628DSC_0530

7. Quiet, secluded and completely unspoilt: Long beach, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

My favourite beach on Phi Phi: there was no one but us. No services, no restaurants or bars, nothing. A few locals maybe, who had their boats there as they went fishing later, and also they were there if someone needed a ‘ride’ back to the town. A charming beach with white sand, enormous palm trees at the ‘entrance’ and shallow waters. A good 45 minute walk from Tonsai Bay.  IMG_0715IMG_0710

6. From blue to green: Xigia Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

We were meaning to visit this tiny bay as it was recommended online, but as it is impossible to reach without a car. How lucky we were to have met and made good friends with a Greek gentleman – so the next day we were off to Xigia together! It is supposed to have therapeutic healing properties because of the sulphur in the water. We were a bit concerned as online many shared the same opinion: the water has a strange smell because of the sulphur. It could depend on the time of the day or even year – but we did not notice anything funny. There are two beaches next to each other:DSC_1374 DSC_1380

5. Mars-like setting, white beach flowers: Cala Pregonda, Menorca, Spain

There are three beaches straight after each other. The first is the longest, the second one is not good for swimming. We spent the night on the third one. The highlight was waking up at 7am and seeing how the morning light made all the rocks a unique terracotta colour… It was truly special.DSC_0452
DSC_0478 DSC_0461

The first beach

The second beach

4. Bluest of the blue: Shipwreck Bay/Beach (Navagio), Zakynthos, Greece

That colour! If I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t believe it. The way getting there by the boat is also beautiful with the Blue Caves. The beach itself starts as large white pebbles and at the back turns into white sand. As for the looks, it is stunning, but so touristy, full of people. Would definitely return for another girlie holiday once I make enough money to hire our own little speed boat before the first groups get there!
DSC_1985 DSC_2051

3. Greenest of the green: Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Just like in the movie ‘The beach’. White sand, emerald waters and a bit of rainforest-like nature at the back. I found it beautiful and reminds me of how we didn’t want to just lay on the beach with the other group members for hours, so sneaked to the other side of the island and did some snorkelling in the meantime. We swam quiet far and found a beach just for the two of us. Was way more special than sunbathing among the others!




2. Stunning sunsets, excellent food and the greatest waves: Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand

The place where I had the best Pad Thai of my life, so I can’t help but being biased. It is definitely not white sandy, there are more picture perfect beaches but the I remember having the best time here in Phuket, enjoying the huge waves, especially on a beach mattress. After the water, off the eat something from one of the stands where everything was fresh: the fish, the fruit in the smoothie… Sat down, on the plastic chairs, and had the most romantic dinner of my life. In Thailand, there is no need going to fancy expensive restaurants… nothing can top this experience. Oh and after eating, back to the ocean for a night dip! Couldn’t have wished for more.

The Pad Thai, fried fish with sweet chili sauce and mango smoothie. You can read more about our Phuket adventures by clicking here.
IMG_0596 IMG_0597

1. Tiny, beautiful, no crowds and good for cliff jumping: Cala Es Talaier, Menorca, Spain

It is not approachable by car, so you have to walk about 1 km from Son Saura. Very popular with naturists, and the most enjoyable before 9 am in the morning when no one else is there. Seriously crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand and you can choose which cliffs to jump off from!




Ready to jump!

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