Thai Islands – Phi Phi Part II

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The following couple of days we decided to take trips to beaches further away from the village. Long Beach, Loh Ba Gao, Loh Moo Dee. They took about 20 maximum 45 minutes walk. We took a boat (70-80 baht) on the way back.





IMG_0731You can see the sinister sky – monsoon arrived 2 days later.



TIP about Bomaboo Island (Koh Phai): another uninhabited island that you can take day-trips to. Greg enjoyed the corals very much, but I didn’t like the fact they were everywhere around the shallow waters and you couldn’t swim or walk to the beach properly. I kept hurting my legs and feet kicking into them. Not to mention after 30 minutes a yellow fish bit me. Greg of course didn’t believe me, told me off to stop whining already. Until he got bitten too. Perfect.
Based on reviews, Bamboo island is lovely if you walk a 10-15 mins away from the crowds (especially families). I personally didn’t like it, but I’m sure it was because of the upcoming stormy weather.
We paid 1000 baht for the long tail boat or 3 hours. Do try to bargain as we started off with 2000, slowly going down. Next time we’ll go there with a tent, and staying the night. 

Unfortunately no photos, we didn’t take camera with us.

Our last night, and the bungalow we stayed in on Long Beach:




We were pretty much chased away from the island by the monsoon – decided to go to Koh Lanta next which was quite a few hours of ferry ride. Terrifying experience as we got into a huge storm, I was a 100% sure we won’t make it. The waves were enormous, the captain was sweating trying to navigate the boat. Greg – the calmest person in the world – slept through whole journey. Lucky him.

We didn’t get to climb up to the viewpoint, or hire a sea kayak to search for truly hidden beaches. Or ate lobster. Next time I’ll make sure to cross everything off my list.

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