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The absolute highlight of the trip. This is neither French Riviera nor Provence, somewhere in between. The tiny hilltop village called Sillans has a population of 400 souls – and a true hidden gem – a 42 m high (120 ft) waterfall (cascade means waterfall). There was heavy rain before we arrived from Gorges du Verdon – which eventually made the day unforgettable.


We had two options: climb a little hill with dirtroad (approximately a 10 minute walk form the car park) and take a look at the waterfall from the distance (NO way) OR – because of all the previous rain – climb through wet rocks and a flooded creek that created several tiny lakes and arrive at the bottom of the waterfall. As everything was damp, slippery and it took about 30-40 minutes to get through all that jungle – no one else attempted this version. The end result: the most exciting time getting there, finding out which way to go, Greg begging me to hurry up and stop whining that the water is too cold (I swam in 10 degrees Baltic Sea in Sweden so I CAN take cold, but this mountain creek was freezing!) We laughed our way through the process of discovering the route (of course it turned out later there was a completely dry forest pathway, just had to walk around the hill). Our technique looked like this: Greg goes first, exploring the possible routes as we couldn’t see anything under the water, than I throw him our bags to put it somewhere safe – then him telling me as if I was a 5 year old child – put your tiny foot there, the other one here, then slowly let yourself into the water… There is also a video of me ridiculously trying to find my way ahead.

Once we got the first glimpse of the waterfall, the lake and the sunshine realized how much it was worth it.

This is the definition of paradise for me. No one else but us, a tiny emerald lake and the waterfall. Perfection. 

We spent a good hour, hour and a half there when a couple arrived on the forest pathway (mid fifties) stripped down completely and jumped into the water. We looked at each other and off we were.



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