Easy Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

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I did not dare to bake a soufflé for a long time, I have been watching way too many episodes of ‘MasterChef Professionals’ where they always emphasized how easy it is to mess it up. The other day I took out a few cute little ramekins from the cupboard that I haven’t used for ages, and realized I bought them a year ago, saying they will be perfect for either a soufflé or crème brûlée. Was ashamed to admit, in over a year I never attempted to challenge myself with any of them, so I figured it is about time!

Turns out it is actually doable…

Well, it is all true, you must be very careful and patient every step of the way, opening the oven too early is the first and most important mustn’t if you don’t want it to collapse in a second.

To me, a soufflè is a dessert that isn’t mousse, isn’t either a sponge, something in between. Turned out to be a delicious breakfast (true story, Greg has a difficult life:)) with raspberries on top. Was not even near to perfect, so if anyone has any tips please let me know! Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the inside as I didn’t take it out of the ramekin, but honestly, texture could be improved.



  • 7 oz dark chocolate (200g) personally, I can’t stand milk chocolate, but feel free to use that if you’d like or even mix both, but then be aware as less sugar is needed
  • 4 oz caster sugar (120g)
  • 4 oz butter (120g)
  • 1.7 oz flour (50g)
  • 4 eggs
  • a pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 375 F (gas mark 5 or 190 C). Slowly melt the chocolate and butter on a top of a double boiler, or just use a non-plastic bowl above a pot of simmering water. Once all melted and mixed together, let is stay until cools down a bit (important, as we don’t want the egg yolks cooked), then add the egg yolks. Mix the sugar and flour together then add it to the chocolate mixture. Get a separate bowl and place the egg white into it. Either with a whisk or a hand mixer until little peaks are formed (be careful to carry out this step properly!). Then add this to the chocolate mixture VERY GENTLY, working it SLOWLY in.

Fill the already buttered ramekins until they are a bit more than half full. This is where I made the mistake of being afraid they would grow to tall, so I put too little into the cups. Bake them for about 15-20 minutes. It does depend on the oven though, so make sure you test its strength beforehand. I am not sure how many ramekins you could fill up with this recipe, as I only needed 2 for breakfast, put the rest into the fridge.

It is very rich, so definitely goes hand in hand with whipping cream and raspberries, strawberries. Enjoy as much as we did 🙂

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