Cycling in Cambridgeshire/Essex

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Bank-holiday weekend with eternal sunshine… As the day before was spent with BBQing at least 6 kg (almost a stone) of beef ribs and chicken thighs marinated in different extremely spicy Nando’s sauces, alongside with great amount of tequila shots, God knows how many pitchers of mojitos and pálinka jelly (jelly made out of traditional Hungarian fruit brandy)… I was pretty certain we are not going anywhere the next day. BUT following the smart rule – after finishing one alcoholic drink we must drink a cup of water – paid off, no hangover whatsoever the next day.

So hopped on the bikes and off we went. My first aim was to find rapeseed fields as I noticed the lovely colours before from the train. Greg’s aim was to make me cycle so far, I’d get tired and pissed because of his white lies “Honey, just another mile and we’re there”, which I heard at least 4 times. He loves pushing my boundaries – which I am grateful for – but only a few days afterwards.

The rapeseed fields along the way were breathtaking:

    IMG_1547 (2)

IMG_1571 IMG_1590

And another photo of the lovely town of Saffron Walden, which I found so pretty and livable, I wanted to move there straight away.

saffron walden

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