Vivid Festival – Sydney

To say that I was excited about visiting Sydney is an understatement. Somehow I felt like a local from day one – I think the fact that I had a whole flat thorugh AirBnb made it feel like I actually live there. I did groceries and cooked, got used to public transport, I picked up the pace of the city very quickly.

Sydney is bubbly, lively, unique as it is, but Vivid festival was on, which made it that much more incredible. It was quite annoying at times as it was very very busy, but still totally worth it. It was simply magical.

Rottnest Island – Western Australia

The minute I booked my flight from Budapest to Perth in Western Australia, I started researching Perth must-see attractions. Honestly, I was not that excited about Perth itself, I was mainly flying to the West coast for the roadtrip up to Exmouth. I liked King’s Park and I was embarrassingly happy to have Nando’s again as I missed its sauces a lot. I was sad to realise they do not serve chicken livers – but the chicken was still lovely. Maybe if I had a bit more time I’d have liked Perth more. I loved the 8 km walk from City beach to Scarborough beach, but I think Perth is a place to visit during Spring or Summer as weather was crazy in May. It changed in seconds from beach weather to cold, windy and stormy.

But Rottnest was the highlight of those first 3-4 days of arriving in Australia. I was very happy walking to the ferry at 8 in the morning. The weather was a lot nicer on the island, warmer than on the mainland. The vegetation reminded me of Zakynthos, but the scenery, the waves everything was just more dramatic. And of course the QUOKKAS were insanely cute.

I was planning on seeing a lot more of the island but we had to slow down because while cycling up a hill I lost my balance, flew over the bike and fell flat on my face. It was painful. So we had to look for a beach quickly to chill for a bit, have lunch, clean my wounds. Which turned out to be the best thing that could have happened as the beach we chose to chill on – was exactly the same one a QUOKKA chose that afternoon. Of course the he/she did not stay with us purely because of our company, but it really wanted my apple. Also started to crawl into my purse at some point… We ended up staying there until it was time to cycle back to catch the ferry.